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dreaming by day

21 September 1984

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My name is LauraSue (and yes, it's one word - deal), but I typically go by LS. I'm a twenty-seven-year-old hysterical bitch of a person in Saginaw, MI. I'm a full time dreamer. I'm a walking contradiction of sorts as well. I'm quite religious (Christian, and no, I don't care if you think it sucks, so buzz off), and I'm a pierced and inked little shit that swears like a sailor. Again, I say deal. Also, I'm straightedge. And no, I don't care if you think that sucks, too. I'm not trying to shove it down other peoples throats, it's just what makes me feel like me. I'm sarcastic, and I have a sick sense of humor. If you're an easy target, stay away from me. I'll have far too much fun with you.

I'm also a geek. I write more than I talk, I roleplay, I game. I mod a game that takes up far too much of my time, and I'm a bigtime grammar/spelling/SENSE-nazi. If u talk liek dis, I will ignore you. At best. Or I just might sit back and publicly mock you with my like-minded friends. It's fun. >.> Remember what I said about that easy target thing? Yeah, that applies here, too.
My journal is partially friends only. Which means anything of substance is friends-locked, and you'll have to be added to read. I still post a lot of public entries, most of them various crackhead rambles, or more frequently, graphics posts or pic-spam of my cats. I am a crazy cat lady. One warning: if you add me, tell me. I never check to see who adds me, so I won't know to add you back otherwise.

If you've come to my journal from a graphics post, please note that all of my old icons, resourses, and graphics posts can be found in my memories.
Awards, banners, and gifts can be found here.

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80s and 90s cartoons, action movies, ancient history, animals, aqua teen hunger force, archeology, art, arts and crafts, asoiaf, being a cusper, being myself, blizzards, bmx, body art, books, camwhoring, cartoons, celtic mythology, characters, christianity, classic literature, classic rock, comics, concerts, dogs, dolphins, dream translation, driving too damn fast, e e cummings, extreme sports, eyes, faeries, family guy, fantasy, fiction, fighters, fire, game of thrones, games, geekery, george r. r. martin, guitars, history, horror, house of leaves, icons, irish pride, janis joplin, laughing, leather, left 4 dead 2, legend of the seeker, lightning, lips, literature, live music, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, lotro, lyrics, moonlight, mosh pits, motown, muses, music, music with soul, my insane muses, my spoiled cats, mythology, nature, nikka costa, nintendo, numerology, paranormal, photoshop, piano, piercings, plot twists, poe, poetry, portishead, punk rock, purple skittles, rainbow brite, reading, really cold summer mornings, redhead pride, rejects, resident evil, rikku, rock & roll, rock chicks, roleplaying, rome, rpgs, sarcasm, screaming, secrets, shouting, silent hill, singing, ska, skateboarding, snark, snow, songwriting, spartacus, stephen colbert, stephen king, stories, straight edge, survival horror, sword of truth, tattoos, the daily show, the hobbit, the zombie war, trance music, trip hop, true blood, unforgettable characters, venture brothers, video games, warriors, watching snowboarders, water, weather, winter, winter storms, writing, zombies


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